Requirements / When am I eligible to take the NACC Final Exam

Students will be eligible to write the NACC Final Examination once they have successfully completed the Theory Portion and at least 75% of the required hours in the Clinical Portion of the program

When can I start studying? 

It is recommended that you continue to review your notes consistently throughout Clinical Placement. In addition, you may start reviewing you notes prior to scheduling an exam date by reviewing your notes, handouts, workbook, etc. 

What is the format for the Exam?

Exams are randomly generated for each user, therefore no 2 exams are the same
Marking of the exams are automatically done by the System when submitted and are forwarded to the NACC

Duration: 2.5 Hours
Length: 200 Questions
Format: Multiple-Choice
Passing Mark: 65% or 130/200 Correct

PSW 2015 Breakdown

Mod 1 – 28 Questions (14%)
Mod 2 – 21 Questions (10%)
Mod 3 – 15 Questions (8%)
Mod 4 – 15 Questions (8%)    
Mod 5 – 08 Questions (4%)
Mod 6 – 15 Questions (8%)
Mod 7 – 15 Questions (8%)
Mod 8 – 13 Questions (6%)
Mod 9 – 15 Questions (8%)
Mod 10 – 10 Questions (5%)
Mod 11 – 21 Questions (10%) 
Mod 12 – 23 Questions (12%)

Total: 200 Questions

Where does the Exam take place?

The NACC Final Exam takes place at Metrocare Health Academy on scheduled test days in one of the classrooms. 

When are the Examination Dates?

Scheduled examination dates can be found on the Calendar Schedule.

To schedule an exam, see below. 

How do I register?

To register, you must follow these 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Complete all of the Requirements. *See "1. Requirements" above*

Step 2: Check the Calendar Schedule for scheduled NACC Exam Dates

Step 3: Schedule an appointment with Andrew Frias to book an exam date. 

*Note: Please note that the $200 Exam Fee will be charges upon set-up* 

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email and preparation guide to help you study for the NACC Final Exam. 

How should I prepare for the Exam? 

Upon booking your NACC exam with Andrew, you will receive a preparation guide email that will include the following: 

  • Sources to Study
  • Workbook Answer Key
  • Module Review Passwords
  • Cumulative Review Passwords
  • and More... 

What do I need to bring for the Exam?

On your scheduled exam date, please bring the following: 

1.  A laptop or Tablet Computer (Note: Cell Phones will not be acceptable for use) 
2. Your computer must have either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browsers
3. AC Power Adapter
4. Pen and Paper to take notes (i.e. record skipped questions)

What should I expect on Exam Day?

The procedure is as follows:
1. Students are expected to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam to ensure there are no complications accessing the test site
2. Students will turn on their computers and connect the power supply
3. Connect to the Metrocare-Guest wifi network. Password will be provided.
4. Open internet browser: Firefox or Chrome
5. Connect to the NACC Test Site:
6. NACC Usernames and passwords will be provided
7. The moderator will give a short 5 minute presentation
8. The final examination will start at the designated time
9. Students will have 2.5 hours to complete the exam

Note: A Moderator will be present to answer questions during the exam

How long will it take for the results?

You will receive your results within 1 - 2 business days by either text or email.

NACC PINs will arrive within 2 - 3 weeks for students who have successfully passed the NACC Final Exam.

Can I reschedule my exam?

Yes, you are allowed to reschedule as long as you notify the Registrar within 24 hours of the exam date.

What happens if I fail the exam?

if you fail the NACC Final Exam, you will need to schedule an appointment with the Registrar to discuss the following:

  • Possible causes
  • Effective studying strategies
  • Scheduling a Re-Examination 
  • Payment: $100 Re-Examination Fee

Please note that students are only allowed to take the NACC Final Examination a maximum of 3 times. Therefore please ensure that you are thoroughly prepared to take the exam by your scheduled exam date. 

I have read the FAQ and ready to study, where do I start?

Once scheduled for a Final Exam, you will get access to our review section. Please note that it is password-protected.

Click here to access the Exam Study Guide.

More Questions? 

If you have any other questions regarding the NACC Final Exam, please contact the Registrar (Andrew Frias) at (647) 352-8868 or